May 17, 2015

China Series : Sweet Bamboo Shoots and Chow Chai Soup

Sweet Bamboo is one of Minqing's three treasures.  My maternal grandmother from Kay Tou Puoh, Fujian used to tell us about the sweet bamboo shoots her family would collect every year in April and May. The bamboo shoots would be cleaned, and eaten and whatever could not be eaten could be saved for the future, by drying it in the sun. The sun dried bamboo shoots could last for years!! Those were the days when refrigeration was unheard of .

Chow chai or salted vegetables in red wine lees is another one of Minqing's three treasures.

These two can be cooked together as a soup, or as a stir fry.

They are beautiful together...Give it a try. Even if you cannot get sweet bamboo shoots from China. Use any local bamboo shoot.

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