May 12, 2015

China Series : Yang Mei

A lovely early summer fruit which can be pluicked from trees grown in the back yard of most homes.

Yang Mei is sweet with a bit of sour. Just my kind of fruit as it is juicy and refreshing.

Served in a nice plate to guests, this fruit is a welcome sight.

However farmer /producers/ vendors find the fruit very perishable. So with a very short shelf life, yang mei is often not found in supermarkets.

Best way of eating yang mei is to go home to grandparents and enjoy an early summer break...When the summer break comes (Shu jia) or summer holidays for school, the yang mei might be gone but other fruits will be available.

Holidays in China also means a chance to enjoy a rustic sojourn and eat all the fruits grown by our ancestors. By July and August it would be too hot and people will be wearing the lightest of clothes and if getting the opportunity...really soaking their legs in streams, creeks, seas and rivers...

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