May 11, 2015


Urbanization in China is rapidly coming to my ancestors' homeland in Minqing and other counties of Fuzhou (the Big Fuzhou) which has 10 counties under its jurisdiction in the present government system.

This is Fuqing where I stayed for one day and one night. From the 14th floor hotel room window I took several photos in the morning before we left for Yongtai.

As I looked at the farms and then at the high rise buildings, I imagined the years of slow development in the 1900's and then a sudden spate of rapid urbanisation during the 90's, Now 21st century China is a Big Brother, a world power to reckon with.

But my Church sister in Minqing said brilliantly, "Our country is going to be an Old People's country, Lou Ren Guo." VEry much aware of the Grey Revolution this sister realises that government plans, people's welfare, general wealth, must be well spread out for all to enjoy.

A good government is for the people, with the people and by the people. China has made one full circle in political progress.

It is still beautiful, historical. Amazing lives, amazing country.


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