May 5, 2015

Nang Chong Stories : Bridal Suitcase

In the 1950's brides were given two suitcases like this as part of their dowry. Dresses, textiles or materials, pajamas, jewellery were placed in them. While at the bottom the suitcases would be a red packet of money for the bride to start her new life well. The "pressed or weighted" money was prepared by the bride's parents, one to represent the auspicious moment of a girl leaving her home for her future, and two, the preparedness of the bride's family to "press" some money into her hands.

The special cipher laock was very useful for the bride to protect her possessions.

When an auspicious day was set, the suitcases would be sent over to the groom's house. This was very much a part of Foochow wedding traditional practice.

Today some parents still practise this, to make the wedding preparations very merry and memorable. Many however do without it.

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