May 3, 2015

Nang Chong Stories ; Hand Warmer

My maternal grandmother was a good story teller. And she had a lot of experiences during her years as a stranded overseas Foochow lady in Fujian.

The days were poor for them because money could not be remitted to them in the village. Grandma was also looking after two nephews over there. In order to make ends meet, the two boys alos helped to earn their keep by helping in the farm. They were responsible for cooking food for the pigs. Grandma did other kitchen work.

Grandma said that it was very cold in winter and with hardly enough clothes they were glad that they had a big kitchen to work in.

In the cold winter they at least had warmth from the fire. That was a blessing in disguise.

So how did other people in China warm their hands?

Copper Hand Warmer, Qing Dynasty. Google.

The Qing Dynasty left a lot of cultural artifacts like this copper hand warmer, so we have an idea how they warm themselves in the cold days.

Today, the Foochow Heritage Gallery in Sibu has a hand warmer as an exhibit. So you can have a look and see what a hardwarmer is like used in Fujian.

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