June 19, 2015

Sibu Tales : First Photographic Society's Exhibition

1954 (?)

The First (?) Sibu Photographic Society President, Mr. Chew Guo Ping, a Chartered Accoutnat, educated in the UK. with Dr. Chiu Nai Ding in the front.

The Sibu Photographic Club was founded in 1952 by a group of enthusiastic photographers in Sibu led by Dr. D. H.Niblett the DMO, Third Division.

There was a photography exhibition on 30th May 1954 at the Chiang Chuan Association and was officiated by the Governor of Sarawak, Sir Anthony F. Abeel.

The Photographic Club organised several outings and expeiditions into the interior of Sarawak. Famous photographers Lim Poh Chiang and Tan Yen Sai were participants of such outings.

Because many photography enthusiasts were British Government officers like Mr. D.C.White, the Resident and other senior civil servants. Even the governor was an honorary member of the club.

My father was a keen member but did not hold any position. He and his cousins were able to develop and print lots of photos at the Nang Kwong Photo Studio which was owned by the Wong Brothers. Wong Hung Kwong and Wong Liing Kwong,of Blacksmith Road.

"The Club had a close link with the Sarawak Photographic Society, based in Kuching. That Society boasted member such as  Mrs. Hedda Marrison and Mr. K. F. Wong. Member of the Club were regular participants in photographic exhibitions and other activities organized by the Sarawak Photographic Society."

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