July 8, 2015

Sibu Tales : Chendol, Cincau and Jagung

Years ago in Sibu, we could eat Chendol in the Chicken Market, and some stalls in the old Bus Terminal. No coffee shops served chendol or what we call ABC now.

We had our special Chendol hawkers and for only 15 cents we could have a good thirst quencher. I never knew how chendol came about in Sibu, but chendol is definitely not Foochow in origin.

Then slowly, new ingredients came into the mixture, first cincau or grass jelly and then corn.

I have always liked the ORIGINAL chendol, which is red bean, chendol and sago pearls. I will not usually order any other ingredients, although having ALL of them would not cost you more.

The other choice is Evaporated milk or Santan (coconut milk).

Oh yes, you can also have another choice, gula apong (nipah sugar) or plain cane sugar syrup.

Perhaps we really learned how to have great taste buds from this local dessert.


Anonymous said...

Rememmber the one in the CHicken market. I was but a few years old. They served it on plates.

Ensurai said...

Yes I remember the nice chendol served in plates. What great memories we have...Now it is in bowls, and some plastic cups..thanks.

Blogger said...

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