July 1, 2015

Sibu Tales : Japanese Snails

My grandmother who was born in China around 1898 was a Minqing Ker Tou Buoh woman fromthe Tiong family. She was very independent minded and did a lot of farm work. She obtained some kind of information education when she lived next to a church in China. While the boys went to the one room school, she would listen as she did her chores. She memorized what the teacher said and felt that she could remember better than the boys the following day.

Two years after learning in that way she was taken out of China to live in Sarawak.

As far as she remembered, she said that when she did her gardening in Nang Chong,she never saw these Japanese snails.

Hence they probably came to Sarawak after the Second World War. She thought like everyone else.

She called them Nipuong Loi. or Japanese Snails.

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