September 8, 2015

Sibu Tales : Planta and Butter

Step mother stories are plentiful in Sibu. There are two or three good step mothers amongst the many bad ones.

Golden Churn Butter
Here is a story of a step mother as told by a former student who came from a large extended family and her own brother was widowed and then remarried to a fierce lady. Her cousins suffered a lot but they were kind and forgiving people.

 There were a lot of inustices in this particular family . Like Cinderella, the children of the first wife suffered. Here is one particular story.

The step mother would prepare bread for the children to bring to school. She would give Planta  and some locally made jam to her step children to make their sandwiches.

But for her own children, she would make egg sandwiches with proper butter.

The children grew up and would never look at Planta margarine because they said they could smell the horrible and hateful oily stuff for days in their fingers.As children we actually found it quite difficult to eat Planta. Some of us even found Planta not easily disgestible if truth be told.

Personally it is difficult to like food that is prepared by people who do not love you. And also, you will find it difficult to forget all the unkind things people do to you, even if you are very forgiving.

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