October 29, 2015

Food of Sibu : Jiang Lok or Chendol

Many people would nowadays want to make their own chendol (jian lok) at home.

regarding the pronunciation of the original word which is Malay. It is Chendol but the Hokkien says it in a very corrupted form, Jian lok. The Mandarin/Chinese words are interesting : transliteration of Chendol has become Sauce Happy.

The green chendol (must be green because the colouring comes from pandan leaves juices.

The best chendol is served with gula apong.

Chendol Recipe :-
20 pandan leaves, roughly chopped (aka screwpine leaves), blend to make juice with a bit of water.
1 glass rice flour
1 small teaspoon kapur
1/2 tsp salt
3 tbsp sugar
(some green colouring)
3 glasses water.

1. Set aside a basin of cold water
2. Add all the ingredients into a non stick pot and stir over slow fire.
3. Cook until the dough is sticky and shiny on surface.
4. When still hot push the dough through the chendol "maker" or sieve into the prepared basin of water.
5. The little strings of chendol can be stored in a bottle with the water for one or two days.

How to serve Chendol
1. Prepare bowls for individual servings.
2. Prepare boiled sago pearls, cut grass jelly in each individual bowls.
3. Prepare some ice shavings, or ice cubes and place in the bowls.
3. Add brown sugar syrup or maple syrup, some evaporated milk to make a full bowl of tropical dessert.


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