October 28, 2015

Nang Chong Stories : Chien Mien Gang

Braised pork,belly pork and some ears with salted soy beans and soy sauce.

Foochow domestic noodle industry - dried noodles popular in town and in the rural areas popular in the 20th century in Sarawak. AKA Mee Sangol.

Braised pork rib noodle/kueh tiau, WET. (you can also have the dry version) 

The flavours of yesteryears. How they bring one down memory lane.

My maternal grandmother would boil about 6 bundles of these chien mien gang (dried noodles) in the morning for breakfast. There were at least twelve boisterious children in the house, some from the town and others from Third Uncle and Youngest Aunty during the holidays. The visiting cousins would never want the holiday to end mainly because of the food and the space.

She would then use some of the left over braised pork (with preserved soy beans) as a nice sauce to toss the boiled noodles with. How we children loved the Sanba breakfast...And that was not the only kind of breakfast we had. Grandma and Third Aunty would come up with many different kinds of Foochow breakfast.

The third photo is a 21st century spin off of my grandmother's noodles from Nang Chong..

And then (in those 20th century days)  we could not wait for lunch!! What was for lunch? Something good definitely.


sintaicharles said...

look so tasty. I should get the dried noodles and make one like your grandma's.

Ensurai said...

Yes, do try that..It was Foochow Frugality that helped to develop many tasty noodles that we have today...

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