October 12, 2015

Sibu Tales : Minced Pork, Jak Niik

tok tok tok tok

The sounds of chopping meat on a wooden chopping board were such good music in our ears. We would have minced pork (Chak Niik) for lunch.

Those days before the mincer was available, or before minced pork could be store bought , Mum had to mince pork using the cleaver...Some how whenever we heard her making the tok tok tok noise on the chopping board we would have our smiles on.

Minced pork is just so versatile in Foochow kitchen.

It can be used to make a good dish of steamed minced pork with egg, it can be part of a soup, or it can be stir fried with the long white cabbage. Your imagination can bring the minced pork to any level you like!!

It is a life saviour for me in my kitchen. It is so dependable if I have some portions of it, cooked and frozen, or freshly frozen....

I like mine cooked this way, with lots of salted soy beans...I can just eat a bit of rice, and pick on every salted soy beans. I dont mash the beans.....The medium sized pieces of garlic also help me to enjoy my meal..hence, not minced too.

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