November 10, 2015

Sibu Tales : Chicken Feet

When the cold storages started to open in Sibu, my family was so happy about one particular product : chicken feet.Image may contain: food

My mother would cook the chicken feet in several different ways : soup with old cucumber and red dates, braised chicken feet, dim sum style chicken feet with black beans...and later I added Thai style salad chicken feet (boneless).

Eating of chicken feet saved a lot of money for those budget conscious families.

And there were also many family stories related to chicken feet: mum would save the chicken feet from my confinment months and keep them for special meals of chicken feet, and quite often she would also buy chicken feet from the cold storage (Ah Huat) for my grandmother who lived in Ah Nang Chong.

We used to eat lots of chicken feet as snacks and swap stories. That would have been my favourite times with my cousins in Ah Nang Chong.

But the best were the wedding banquets that we had in Ah Nang Chong when so many chickens were slaughtered and the feet saved for Siak Pah Rang...meaning getting together to eat a specially prepared dish...and also not to waste food...

Siak Pah Rang is no longer practised I think....

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