January 12, 2016

Sarawakian Local Delights No. 9 : Kuih Jala

Kuih Jala is a famous snack especially in Sarawak. Kuih means cake and Jala means net in the Malay language. Literally translated it is Net Cake because the pattern of the cake is like a net.

Photo from Google
The ingredients used are very simple. Mis rice powder with some gula apong (nipah sugar) and water until the batter becomes dense and gluey like that of pancake.

Place the batter in a coconut shell mould made for kuih jala. The coconut shell has holes for the batter to sieve through. You must move the shall mould quickly over the cooking oil. The batter will drip into the oil like thread. Move the shell in a circular motion for a few seconds and the threads will form a layer on the oil.

When the sizzling stops and the threads turn golden, use a stick to fold the kuih into a half moon shape or a triangle shape. This kuih can even be rolled into a tube shape. Drain the kuih in a colander or basket.

It is sweet, tasty and crunchy with a nice aroma.
photo from Google. This Kuih Jala mould comes in a set, as a Knocking Wood is necessary to make the batter come out of the holes in the shell. It is really a very interesting way of making a kuih. Innovative and Creative!! In the next Borneo Food Festival in Sibu, there must be a competition and demonstration on the making of Kuih Jala. Best in Borneo.

It is usually served during Gawai or when important visitors come to the longhouse.

Today most Iban women make kuih jala with great passion, either for home use or for commerical purpose. It is now readily available in tamu as the demand is good.


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