January 5, 2016

Sibu Tales : White or Normal Grated Coconut

In the 70's we would always buy freshly grated coconut because the packet santan was not available.

We would buy the grated coconut from the wet market where the vendors would be selling this commodity in an area fairly near the chicken market.

We often referred to that portion the Chicken Market.

Life was pretty busy for almost every decent housewife , It would even be difficult for many as money was never enough due to the sluggishness of the economy then. Most women had to be frugal, hence to get half a coconut was not unusual. The vendors would be most understanding. Unlike some vendors in many part of Sarawak who might sneeze at the poorer customers.

I remember my mum would only buy freshly grated coconut a few times a year to cook chicken curry. While some mums would buy it every week.

I remember once when my mum went to buy this item in the chicken market the guy smiled and asked,"Cooking chicken curry todsay?" This sort of friendliness is not so easily found to day unless you know the vendor personally.

Another memory I have of the grated coconut stall in Sibu was the day I forgot to tell the vendor that mum wanted "white" grated coconut.

White grated coconut refers to scraping off the brown skin of the coconut flesh and then have it grated. The result is a pure snowy white stuff. Black grated coconut is the one with all the brown flecks and your kuih esp onde onde would not be presentable.

Well, you can imagine the cold war between mum and I...she would not let me forget my carelessness and forgetfulness..One cannot get rid of the brown flecks easily..it can be considered impossible...

...TSKTSK  TSK TSK...silly girl award.


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