March 31, 2016

Sibu Tales : Hai Tang Hua

When we were young we looked at our elders applying the minimal amount of face powder. This Haitang powder was their basic beauty aid. We loved the fragrance from the haitang flower.

My maternl grandmother said that haitang flower was a very beautiful flower in Fujian....but we never had any idea how beautiful it was then. We only had pictures like those on the cover of the box of face powder.

Today, we have lots of photos from Google to tell all about flowers in the world!! My maternal grandmother would have love it , like my 90 year old mother today. My sisters would start their iPad to show her photos and she would be delighted!! She also skypes.

Haitang Flower Face Powder


Anonymous said...

It looks like it is Camellia flower to whoch tea also belongs to.

Anonymous said...


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