May 6, 2016

Sibu Tales : Blue Splendour Restaurant

One of my loveliest memories of sibu is the Blue Splendour Restaurant.

If some one invited you to dine there, it was truly a great honour and a pleasant interaction. The owners were kind, the Foochow way. The waiters and waitresses were ever humble and pleasant.

Above all the food was good.

Each lunch or dinner was a memorable occasion.

What was nice was the fact that the restaurant was not a noisy place and often when Methodist pastors said grace for the meal, every one could hear. And it was no embarrassment at all if the group desired to sing the Doxology.

One of the partners came from a very Christian family.

The restaurant can be said to be a very friendly and family oriented. My clan and the Lau Clan would always choose it as our venue for any family occasion.

Memories of Blue Splendour linger on. There will never be another one like you!!

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