May 9, 2016

Sibu Tales : Butter Milk Crabs

The people of Fujian,China, are blessed by the tremendous food resources of the coastal and deep seas off the Fujian coast. Since ancient days the Fujian province has been famous for its seafood. Today Fujian seafood dishes are world famous.

The food of the Foochows, even at humble farm tables , would often see Hoong Ngan with oysters, Seafood Tofu soup, and other seafood dishes. There is also a famous new year dish called Steamed crabs with Long Chinese Cabbage, a most memorable dish.

Over the years culinary arts have expanded and become most adventurous. Sibu Foochow chefs have started to experiment with lots of ingredients and have come up with many different recipes. In most Sibu eateries, you can order butter milk crabs when crabs are available,besides black pepper crabs, Mongolian style crabs, Salt Baked Crabs, Nestum Crabs, Chilli Crabs, Curried Crabs, Salted Black Beans Crabs,etc The list can be very long in fact.

Butter and Milk have come from British lands and when used in Malaysia, this butter and milk crab stir fry in a Foochow Seafood restaurant, is one of the wonderful fusion results. An American friend had once exclaimed that the Foochow Butter Milk Crab reminded her of her American Seafood Chowder which is prepared with butter and milk. And she was definitely delighted by the Sibu crab dish.

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