May 5, 2016

Sibu Tales : Father's Love

This is a story of a couple who had only one son and an adopted daughter.

The adopted daughter was never educated to a high level and she was given only six years of primary school. And to complete those six years she often skipped classes to help her mother sew clothes and cook workers' food and serve them at mid day. When she was sixteen, her parents "sold her" for 10,000 to a construction worker who liked her.

However she was never ungrateful.

When her father was elderly he suffered a stroke and she nursed him back to health without a single payment. She had to leave her own children to move back to Sibu. She did with all her heart. She prayed hard and attended fellowship with Christians to the annoyance of her only sister in law. Very often the dinner table was cleared when she came back from her fellowship.

Soon her father got well and she returned to her own children in another town.

Painting by Edgar Hunt (1878 - 1955) Farm animals
Ten years later her father, then almost 90 visited her very happily and all her children and grandchildren loved him and gathered around him every day for good meals and happy hours. He told them that he had reared a huge brood of chickens and ducks for them if they should visit him in the future.

He blessed them and told them that his bank's account was for them as that was the only thing he had in his name, and the ducks and chickens in the backyard were his only possessions.

His house was in his son's and daughter-in-law's names.

Unfortunately when he returned home, he had a fall and died almost immediately. All his grandchildren and only his daughter was by his bedside when he passed away in the big hospital. His son was no where to be seen.

As certain as the sun rises in the east, the grandchildren buried the old man with his son and daughter in law and other grandchildren who messaged,"We are busy and just carry on..."

The daughter never received her father's savings in the bank because while her father was dying, her brother and sister-in-law were busy transferring the bank account into their names.

It was only 10,000 ringgit the equivalent of the "bride price" he received from her marriage.

And as for the brood of chickens? The sister in law sold every single bird to a buyer.

She absolved all her sister-in-law's misdeeds by saying that it was out of her love for her adopted parents when she did her filial duties.

But God has his purposes, the filial adopted daughter prospered and her children are very successful in their own right. Her grand children today are residing in Malaysia and overseas as they continue to be faithful to God.

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