June 15, 2016

Sibu Tales : Syn Choon Liau in Jawi too

A study of signboards in Sibu is always very rewarding and mind opening.

Syn Choon Liau here is long gone. It used to be a popular restaurant in the 1940's - 60's,

Some people still remember going there for weddings and birthdays. In the olden days, wrote Irene J Yong, "Most wedding banquets were held in the noon time so that relatives who lived down river could attend the luncheon. and they would have to leave Sibu by the last boat, which was usually 2 p.m."

Many match making took place in restaurants like this.

A special note must be taken, in those long ago days, Jawi was part of the signboard making.

I am always happy when I can read the Jawi script with the help of English words..I would go Sin,I Nun, Cha Wu Nun, and lamyainun...(am I correct?)

I was told in China , green signboards for restaurants would indicate that they are Halal ones..So red signboards would mean it is NON Halal here?? May be there is no special indication in Sibu yet.

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