July 20, 2016

Sibu Tales : Sea Planes

My great grandfather and grandfather lived in Pulau Kerto's Hua Hong Ice Factory during the Second World War years . Great Grandfather passed away in 1944. The two of them saw the first sea planes landing on the Rajang from their jetty quite a few times.

Sibu was paralysed with fear when the new governor Steward Duncan was stabbed in Sibu . AT first he was very brave about his "accident" and it was only later that people realised how serious the wound was. He was flown by a sea plane out of Sibu and then to Singapore.

The Sea Plane also brought other VIPS to Sibu. 1952 The Royal Princess, Duchess of Kent with her son were flown from Kuching to Sibu and then back...(http://vb4.pprune.org/aviation-history-nostalgia/331471-sunderland-flying-boat-3.html)

My family and I were still living in Hua Hong Ice Factory's admin quarters but I had no memory as I was too young. But my father and mother were out watching the Princess arrive in Sibu..My mum would have a few stories to tell about the Duchess wearing gloves and high heels.

The Sundaland flying boat which brought the Duchess to Sibu in 1952.


Anonymous said...

Sea planea are still in use in places like Sri Lanka and Maldives!

Ensurai said...

Yes indeed. After I posted this many people have updated me. Thanks.

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