August 31, 2016

Sarawakian Local Delights : Rambing

Rambing or perhaps by other names can be found easily in the jungles and is already a cultivated vegetable in many backyard gardens.

It is commonly found in native markets in Sarawak and especially in Miri.

In the longhouses and kampongs, housewives often just go out and cut a few stalks for their evening meals, or they bring back a basket of it from their farms.

The vegetable is very tender and easily cooked as a stir fry.

You can also add prawns or even meat to it.

Usually it is fried with ikan bilis and onions. It is a very sweet vegetable.


Anonymous said...

Do u know if this is available in the market?

Ensurai said...

It is found in most tamu in Sarawak.

Blogger said...

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