June 17, 2017

Sibu Tales : Headman Kang Hing Yu

Chinese was still used by the Sarawak Government in 1959.

It is very interesting to look at how Chinese headmen were selected, appointed and "certified".

Here is one example of Headman Kang Hing Yu of Tanjong Kunyit where many of my relatives lived.

When he was appointed Headman, Area No. 9 or Tanjong Kunyit in 1959, he was given the decree, with an official stamp, written in Chinese. He also had the right to have a rubber stamp for official work.


the Headman's wife, I remember was a very polite, soft spoken lady. She was considered an excellent partner of a very busy man.

A certificate like this and any other documents are of great interests to the new generation, researchers, scholars and the general public.

Reference :
1. Alan Kang (NZ)

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