August 24, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Belian Menu

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The owner of this eatery in Miri is really creative.

Belian or red wood is the hardest of the hardwood specieis in Sarawak. Since the coming of the Foochows, belian has been the sturdiest and most desired building materials amongst the Chinese. Belian is best for beams, pillars, plank walks, bridges etc. And excellent as posts of pepper vines. Today belian is favoured as a material for higher end furniture.

He uses belian roof shingles to write this menu and hang them at the entrance of his shop.

For your evening meal (the two Chinese words wrtten above) you can select  the following, reading from left to right
a) buttered prawns, sambal prawns
b) Midin, peria (bitter gourd)
c) Vegetables and toufu
d) Spare ribs, Golou (old style)pork
e) fresh fish
f( Thai style lemon chicken
g) Onion and Ginger chicken, Soup
h) cangkok manis, bok choy

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