September 11, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Turtle/Earth Durian

Photo courtesy of  Omaq
Sometime ago I came across a very interesting article about Durian Kura kura and has been ever since intrigued.

Once when I was travelling with my father in law in 2010, he could see a bundle of them i8n Sg. Liang In Brunei. The price of the bundle was only for Brun $7.50. However the durians did not taste so good when we opened them later.

Durian is a cauliflory which is " a botanical term that refers to plants that flower and fruit from the trunk, woody structures, and roots rather than from new growth." The nangka and the chempedek belong to this family.

Kampong Selanyau, Bekenu has been growing and producing durian kura kura in the last few years.

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