October 18, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Ikan Bakar

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Fish that is slowly barbequed over a charcoal fire is a common way of cooking a fish in Sarawak. But having one cooked on a hot plate on top of a banana leaf is quite an innovative method.

It is simply called Ikan Bakar with chilli and sambal sauce.

A good sambal is made from pounding a lot of small onions, garlic,lemon grass and ginger with chillies,belacan and dried prawns. Fry this tumis and keep in a bottle. Once you need to cook a fish lover a charcoal fire, you need to spread the sambal over and under the marinated fish. Then you roast the fish on a steel plate, or over a charcoal fire.

Squeeze limes over the fish before serving.

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