November 23, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights: Ikan Buntal

Photo of Yellow Puffer fish , taken in Lingga.

These are yellow ikan buntal or the yellow buntal. According to the locals, they are very delicious. The buntal is one of the few fishes in Asia which have yellow varieties. Some buntal are white with black dots on the body.

Ikan buntal kuning are prized by the locals and it is found mainly in the Second division of Sarawak. Its roe, when salted, is great sought after by most Ibans, and other Sarawakians.

The salted buntal or pufferfish is another local delicacy . It is most abundantly found around Spaoh, Second Division of Sarawak. The fish is the mascot of Spaoh.  Every year there is even a Ikan Buntal Festival in Spaoh.

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