November 8, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Penan Chopsticks and Linut

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The Penans have been favouring the eating of sago starch porridge since time immemorial. Today they have the urban traders who sell processed sago starch for them buy.

While they are able to enjoy their own traditional sago starch dish or LINUT or linut ambuyat, many Penans still living in their villages have also been able to make a lot of the linut chopsticks (seen in the photo above) for sale in the arts and crafts shops in Miri. These chopsticks or clippers are also good souvenirs for tourists to take home to their own countries after visiting Sarawak. They are made from sago fronds. How creative these Penans are!!

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This is a bowl of linut prepared by a friend. Popularly  called "glue" also, linut must be made from freshly grated sago pith if possible and strained and cooked. However today it is quite easy to buy a packet of sago starch in the tamu, ready for the making of linut at home.
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Linut is eaten with a selection of good sambal and a selection of side dishes. the photo above is a spicy pumpkin dish.
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A very nice belacan sambal to accompany the linut.

Linut ambuyat is now available in most hotels (upon request) in Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak, especially in Melanau restaurants.

(Acknowledgement : I was invited to a linut ambuyat lunch by a lovely Christian couple mR. and Mrs. Marcell Usup  from Miri. Thanks for the opportunity to photograph the dishes)

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