January 4, 2018

Sarawakian Local Delights : Daun Kadok

A very important Nonya style Cooking Ingredient is Daun Kadok which grows very well in a backyard or even around the house.

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Daun Kadok
This leaf is also known as wild pepper leaves. It is from the Piper stylosum or the Piper sarmentosum plants.

In Singapore it is shredded thinly and added to Singapore laksa. It is added to  steamed otak otak Penang Style. In Thai restaurants all over Malaysia and Thailand it is part of a nice salad served before the main meal. It must not be mistaken for its cousin, the piper betel leaft plant.
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It has white flowers.
In ancient days, it was made into a drink to cure malaria. The roots could be chewed to cure tooth aches. Many in the past boiled the roots to act on the kidneys, relieving constipation. It is also effective in treating coughs, flu, rheumatism, pleurisy and lumbago.

Source: Malaysian Timber Council, Various Issues

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