May 15, 2015

China Series : Black bean/Soy Sauce Toufoo Gang

It is amazing how many different kinds of toufoo we can eat in China.

In Fuzhou, there is a special one which is dark in colour. Very tasty and nice, especially as a condiment to plain porridge.

I had some of it and quite liked it. Because as an Overseas Chinese, and Malaysian, we only get the plain toufu gang, with tumeric for colouring.

Some one said that black beans are used to make this toufu. So it is not as frightening to think that it is made from blood.

A Fuzhou, Fujian experience.

China Series : Ko Da Hu

A slow cooking method to bring out the best of toufu.

use lots of ingredients in your kitchen...anything you can think of. Stir fry the aromatics and add the ingredients. And then add the toufu.

slowly took the soup until thick and wonderful

It is called Ko Dahu,well loved by Minqing people. My Foochow dialect.