January 14, 2015

Sibu Tales : Pig's Stomach Soup

In Sibu, most butchers would have only a few pig stomachs for sale. And usually a discerning housewife would book the pig stomach/s way ahead of the day she needs the item.

Pig stomachs are usually purchased for the preparation of a good tonic soup for the elderly or for the new mother still in confinement. Any man or woman who is losing appetite would also be given a pig stomach tonic soup.

There are several recipes for the Foochow pig stomach

1. Chicken feet and pig stomach soup - boiled for more than 3 hours to help a person to regain strength and allay the coldness in his body.

2. Black chicken and pig stomach soup - plain cooked with just a bit of fresh young ginger. This will help the new mother to regain her strength after 9 months of carrying a baby to full term.

3. Kampong chicken sewned up in a pig stomach, steamed with some gingseng. This will help an elderly person regain his weight and appetite.

In most restaurants pig stomach soup is a popular menu. Most men would like to order the soup. It is nourishing, healthy and delicious especially when a lot of pepper is added.

This is one easy dish most Foochow families can prepare any day of the year.

January 12, 2015

Curry Puffs

Curry puffs are very interesting snacks in Malaysia. Where did it originate from ? Many people say that its origin is India.

But today in Malaysia curry puffs remain one of the best snack and one of the most sought after. Recipes can vary from simple to very difficult. Some chefs say the puffs must be baked, others say deep fried in oil. Some chefs claim that two types of doughs must be prepared to give the best PUFFs.

Others would say the best dough is a home made secret recipe.

However many claim that it is the oil for deep frying that makes a difference.

However, I feel that some of the best curry puffs are made in Kuching Sarawak by some Hainanese cooks who used to work for their colonial officers.

I would go for the two dough recipe.