August 26, 2016

Miri Tales : Selling by the Kong/Tin

The tamu or trading places for local people in Miri and else use some amazing measures.

The Glucose tin for example for dabai, the famous black fruit of Sarawak, measures exactly half kilogramme of the fruit.

so instead of having to use a scale (which some jungle produce vendors do not have), this tin is used and the fruit will be sold according to the seasonal price.

At the moment of writing, the dabai is 20 ringgit per glucose tin. This is the highest price I have come across in Miri.

Dabai is like gold or oil...the price keeps going up.

August 24, 2016

Sarawakian Local Delights : Pumpkin Leaves

A simple way of cooking pumpkin leaves - boil some onions, garlic and ikan bilis in two cups of water, When boiling add the crushed pumpkin leaves to the soup base.

This method of cooking amongst the indigenous people of Sarawak is called sup terjun. For vegetables, this oil-less cooking requires less water and the resulting vegetables taste sweet, and awesome.

For soup, one has to add more water, or as desired.

This healthy way of food preparing is getting more and more popular in Sarawak.

When visitors arrive at any longhouse for an occasion, they would find pumpkin leaves as one of their dishes.

 If the people are more endowed, they would have another more elaborate dish, by adding pumpkin flowers, cubes of pumpkin, cubes of cucumber and even sweet young corn.

Photo by Mary H Ting.