April 25, 2016

China Series : Wun Chieh's Dried Bamboo Shoots

These are the bigger ones from Fujian.
Bamboo Shoots from my great grandfather's village of Wun Chieh , near Jinsha, Minqing.
Rehydrated Bamboo shoots from China, sold in Sibu.

Dried bamboo shoots are very important food items of Fujian. The fresh bamboo shoots are collected and dried so that every one could have food on the table during the winter months. They are also very importnat ingredients for all the 4 importan festivals.

Bamboo shoots means productivity, eternity and long and healthy life.

There are many good dishes which use bamboo shoots and they are given very auspicious names in Chinese.

there is one Chinese new dish which is made up of rehydrated bamboo shoots, pork leg, belly pork, mushrooms and many other ingredients. The whole pot is cooked over and over again. And grandmothers would say, " Siak Meh Liu or cannot finish eating". This are the auspicious words uttered throughout the `15 days of the Lunar New Year!!