May 26, 2009

Pumpkin Flowers for Your Soup of the Day

these lovely pumpkin flowers were sold in the Kapit Central Market. I chanced upon six klompok (clumps) of them on the side of the market and decided to buy them all for our evening dinner at Rumah Ugap.

My team mate Lina Kana who is the expert cook amongst us said that there would bew no trouble at all to cook the flowers for our soup.

The simple recipe :

6 clumps of pumpkin flowers (cleaned and the stigma taken out)
3 ringgit worth of ladies' fingers (to soften the soup)
l stalk of yam shoot and l yam
cucumber leaves


1.Bring water to the boil. Add a bit of cooking oil if you like. Add sliced onions and ginger.
2. add the sliced yam and chopped yam stalk. Boil for a while.
3. Add the ladies' fingers.
4. Finally add the cucumber leaves and pumpkin flowers.

This is a specialty soup in any longhouse. It is health giving and very suitable for any one on a really strict diet.



Greenspot said...


I didn't know that pumpkin flowers can be used as a culinary item. I have heard that eating flowers is popular among French. Perhaps you can write an article on dishes from flowers. Durian flowers is also edible.

sarawakiana said...

Hi Greenspot.
Good morning to you! ARe you going back to Sibu for the short Gawai holidays? I will be attending the Methodist Convention there.
Yes it would be nice to make a collection of recipes based on flowers in Sarawak.
I am going to grow some kim chiam too...lily bulb ..that's a Foochow favourite flower for soups and Lo Hang Chai.
Thanks for the tip.

Greenspot said...


Unfortunately, I will not be back for Gawai. Have a great time at the Convention.


tumi said...


Greenspot said...


Flowers comes in many hues and colours - from yellow to orange to red and purple. Such coloration are due to flavanol/flavonoid and anthocyanins which are good for the heart.

Greenspot said...

Here is a link to edible flowers:

Sarawakiana@2 said...

thanks for the tips and good wishes.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Tumi - a little gift from me to show my thoughts....happy Chang festival today...

I did not make any zhongzi either as last Thursday I had a wonderful coffee morning with my friends already....

sarawakiana said...
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