June 28, 2009

Snippets - the Henghua's Early Settlement Days

This is for sharing with all who are interested in this type of history:

Source : The Methodist Episcopal Church in Borneo (1911-1930) Ed. Wong Meng Lei of Methodist Message.

From Bishop Eveland "The Henghua colony stearted last year has had a hard time. They had not planted enough rice for their own uyse and then 40 more of their fellow countrymen came from China whom theyh had to feed in addition. Some of those who came had had no expeirence in hard agricultural work and have been a burden on the others.
They have wasted time in planting rubber on low land where it can never grow properly but where rice would have done well...."( page 18 ff)

"But amidst all this our Henghua people are not forgetting God. High on a hill in what is to be the very heart of their colony is going to be a spacious church building. In the place where their new home is to be they are building an altar unto the Lord." (Pasge 24 ff)

From AJ Amery 1913 " The Henghua colony arrived in May. It was located on the Igan river just on the boundary of the Foochow colony. They went to work with a will and in less than three months were selling vegetables in the bazaar....many more will be coming.

A colony self supporting in ten months must be a record. Mr. Davis spent much time with them which accounts for this speed." (P.186 )

From Mary Hoover " The new Henghua colony is fast gaining a foothold....They have found 'land flowing with milk and honey" and they want to share the good things with their friends. P. 192.

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