June 2, 2009

A Whole Soon Hock / Ikan Bertutu Steamed in fried Ginger and Onion and Soy Sauce

In the 1960's and 70's young boys would go out with a rod and line to catch different kinds of river fish. The soon hock or bertutu was not a favoured fish then as Foochow parents would prefer the tapah or the pa ting. The ikan keli and even the Haruan were not so favoured becauswe they are not considered pretty edible fish.

But today the bertutu is highly valued because the Ikan Toman / Haruan has taken the medical world by storm!! Haruan is a valued today for its healing properties.

Here are some pictures of Bertutu - live and cooked.

Fine restaurants are serving up huge plates of bertutu (sometimes more than 100 ringgit per plate - whole). The favourite style of cooking is steamed in fried ginger and onions with soy sauce.

The mouth of the fish is always open when steamed.


peacemaker88 said...

Hahaha...I too used to hook bertutu..and made some money selling haruan also...Bertutu was deep fried and we did not sell them..

I know how expensive it is to eat Soon Hock in West Malaysia. Miri prices - I must say - still affordable. But my late mother's cooking is something I yearn for.

Thanks for the memories. Peace.

sarawakiana said...

There is something about bertutu that is very fresh and sweet. And the fried onion and ginger sauce is so exceptionally wonderful.
It is a good fish indeed. Pomfret or duai cannot beat its tastiness.

Margie said...

I wish to taste this fish one day :p'

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