July 13, 2009

Media Hotel Kuala Lumpur

For a few days I drove past this hotel and restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. So I am wondering would there be any connection between three other Media Hotels I know of....one in Berlin and one in Jakarta and one in China! Is this hotel specifically for the media personnel? Or is it just a name?

Media Hotel of Kuala Lumpur.

Media Restoran

source : http://www.lodging-world.com. This hotel located in a beautiful part of Berlin is owned by Artur Brauner of "Bridge Over the River Kwai" fame. The 350 rooms are named after famous film stars.

source : http://www.chinahotelreservation.com

Sheraton Media Hotel in Jakarta.


Yan said...

Just wonder whether people from media got free stay there?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes that is a very good question. Will ask my daughter (The Edge Daily) to ask the manager!! Will also forward the email to you and other media friends too.
The Hotel is on the same row as the PKR Headquaterters.

Anonymous said...

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