July 29, 2009

Remembering Mr. E.A. Temple- Beloved Biology Teacher

the latest photo of Mr. EA Temple who served in Methodist School Sibu from 1960 to 1968.

The Temples lived in Hoover House for a short while. This was where Girl Guides and Sunday School children learned the art of housekeeping and cake making from Mrs. Temple who was the first Captain of First Sibu Girl Guide Company. They also lived in Journey's End and Jasmine (Hose Lane)

In 2006 Mr. Temple came back to visit the school and Sibu where he served for 9 years and left a lot of beautiful memories for all those he came to know. Here he received a love gift from Miss Ida Mamora who taught with him in the Methodist School.

Mr. Temple with two of his students and a colleague.

My Form Five Class with Mr. Temple.

When Mr. Temple came back in 2006 we made him write on the black board (the same one in the 60's and in the same Biology lab). He remembered what he taught and how he taught us!

Family photo on the stairs of the Sibu Girl Guide Hut.

A group photo in Methodist Secondary School's science lab with Mr. Chong Chung Sing a former school staff.

Dinner for Mr. Temple - Bobby Ling and Mr. Yong the present principal of MSS.

Mr. Temple making a speech.

The young Temple family when they first arrived in Sibu.
Where do I begin to tell a story of a wonderful and inspiring teacher who more than 40 years ago came all the way from the USA to teach in a little concrete school block which was too close to a rubber garden?

When almost every one walked to school and Sibu had probably less than 200 cars Mr. Temple (we never called him by any other name) cycled to school from Journey's End bringing in his basket a flask of tea and some sandwiches lovingly prepared by his wife Mrs. Temple (we could not bring ourselves to call her Lora too).

Mr. Ed Temple was inspiring as well as intelligent and indefatique-able. He taught us soft ball in his spare time and played great basketball. But most importantly he inspired us to sing in a choir. We had always been taught music by ladies but he was the first man to help us learn music. So a lot of boys took up singing as a result. He helped us realise that every minute in our life counts. He was a very disciplined man as a result of having served in the Navy and being brought up in a Christian family. That rubbed off on us and most of his students did very well in science subjects because we learned how to be disciplined science students.

His biology lessons were always interesting and hands-on. He was an educator way ahead of many educational thinkers. He taught us how to map out life cycles of insects (ahead of Buzan) and he got us to love doing practicals and writing patterned notes (experiential learning). He got us to read voraciously all the beautiful hard covered and coloured science books. And we caught his sense of humour which was so contagious!

He was one teacher who great knowledge at his finger tips. He never had to refer to any text when teaching. For that I really admire him.

And outside school hours he provided the model of a Christian husband and a good sportsman. Unfailing and faithful he had been happily married to Lora for 51 years - half a century and a year more of joy and mutal support. He kindly brought chocolate biscuits made by Lora in a Girl Guide Tin all the way from Medina USA for me and my family when he last came back to Sibu. Not many men would do that. And I on the other hand had not been able to reciprocate as few travel to Medina and would do such a favour!!

We still have the Girl Guide Tin to remember them by. And I can only with shame type out "Thank You" here!

When I received news that he passed away after a short illness of perhaps only a week I just could not accept the fact. He had been so healthy and I kind of think that he was immortal. And then I had this pain in my heart : I will miss his personal annual newsletter to friends and loved ones.

But the reality was there and it was in black and white on my notebook screen : "Edwin Allan Temple, 82, of Medina, passed away Tuesday, April 21, 2009. He was born February 7, 1927."

The news printed in the Medina Gazette reads "Ed served God in the mission field for nine years in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. He loved teaching and made science fun at Highland High School. He was a tenor in the Medina United Methodist Church choir for 36 years. Ed was active in volunteer in mission projects, both locally and internationally for many years. He was a veteran of WWII, serving in the U.S. Navy.

Survivors include his wife of 51 years, Lora Mae (nee Mort) of Medina; children, Becky (Teena) Temple of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Steven (Karen) Temple of Seville, Nancy (Robert) Pitz of Medina; sister, Edythe (Howard) Housworth of Berwyn, Pennsylvania; grandchildren, Shane, Airin, Troy and Brent.

Ed requested that his body be donated to Case Western Reserve Medical College.

And true to his faith in God and belief in science his last request was to donate his body for scientific research.

My very dedicated and committed biology teacher has gone to heaven where he can sing in harmony along with other angels in his wonderful tenor.

Source : Medina Gazette


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Sarawakiana, I love this tribute of yours.
It is always beautiful to bring back, refresh memories of our yesteryears thru the cobwebs of time, dusting off the cobwebs between the pages.

I can imagine the impact and the legacy he left behind which you now have put it so beautifully.
It is a beautiful writeup, outstanding, Sarawakiana.

You have a pleasant week and keep well, best regards, Lee.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Uncle Lee
thank you for visiting - your English is beautiful and I have been reading your blog for sometime.

Our lives have been impacted by angels unaware..and at some moments when we reflect upon them the memories are the only treasures left and I am glad the losses then seem small in comparison.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakiana, was just at Mayang's place noticed you and her friends.
So thought I'll sibuk balek here say hello. Love your eloquence.

What? You one of my silent readers? No wonder I keep getting the scent of a woman, and soft footsteps at night. I think the scent of YSL or Dior?
Incidentally we are 12 hours behind your local time.

I brought about 25 old large executive diaries to Canada.. Those Perwira Hibib bank, AIA, HK Bank, Malayan banking etc diaries as well notebooks...and apart from noting my work and business schedules etc, would jot down my ahemm, nocturnal activities, namely chasing sarongs, ha ha.

And of course coded them in alphanumeric or morse code, as if lost or anyone see they will not get heart palpitation or ask their wives or daughters whether they knew me, arhaaaa ha ha.
Just kidding. Or read my unedited, unabridged cheritas. Nanti their computers keluar asap.

And by chance discovered what Blogs are 3 years ago, thus the rest is history.
And now having fun tarek kakis, shoot the breeze with my friends and visitors..

And what better topics besides food and work? Women and moonlight and Roses, ha ha.
Besides I'm home alone, isteri working, so keep myself busy and busybody friends blogs as well.
By the way, is that a typo misprint in your profile re age?
If not typo, ahhhh, my kind of ladies, *wink*.
Have a pleasant day, Lee.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah ha Dear Uncle Lee...
No typo error - just about to cross the 60 degrees. I know most women don't talk about age. But I do being a self proclaimed historian of sorts.
I notice you mix code and switch code a lot..typically very west Malaysian and of a certain age and spelling Ch instead of C like in cherita and cerita.

I do too - I tend to spell belachan (I will always be a Chang and not a cang. A changkul is a changkul and not a cangkul..can you imagine a chest without a "h"? Moi --- you got a cest? the list goes on...

I forgive myself when I make typo errors...and don't try to pick on others too...because they do reveal some hidden joys and old and long lost thoughts. It is like a single flower popping up from the soil in early spring.

I discovered tiny mushrooms the other day - and there was so much joy for a few moments..I will post an article on that.

Keep your comments coming and have a great evening..It should be evening where you are?

God bless.

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