July 10, 2009

Sibu News : Borneo Cultural Festival 3-5 July 2009

There has been lots of news and photos from Sibu in the last few days.

Malay Food Exhibition at the BCF 2009 in Sibu. Kebabs is Middle Eastern-Indian in origin. It must have come with the Arab traders who arrived on the shores of Sarawak as early as 1400.....

Hakka Food Exhibition at the BCF 2009 in Sibu. The Hakkas have always been strong migrants and source of labour as well as business expertise. Hakka history in China has been well documented. At the time of writing a very good TV documentary is available made by a Taiwan TV channel. (More information about the Hakkas is available from Han Suyin's famous book - The Mortal Flower)

The Borneo Cultural Festival -cum-26th Malaysian Chinese Festival was just completed. I grabbed two photos from Tony Hii's blog to share with you.

Food is the general interest of most people besides cultural dances and literature. Apparently 7 different Chinese groups besides Foochows cooked up a storm in their stalls for those who came around to sample glorious food.

The other races also contributed to the BCF in the food section.

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Anonymous said...

The crow pullers were still the food stalls...at the BCF. However the newspapers also failed to publish good articles.

Anonymous said...

sorry...oooops the CROWD PULLERS

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Food is always a crowd puller. I love kebabs too. The Mexicans also have a similar dish which I like too. But it tends to be more oily than the kebabs.

Hope you all had a good time eating in Sibu.

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