August 30, 2009

Home Made Mint Tea - a slice of Morocco?

I was not feeling too well the other day because of the haze and the heat. A friend called me to have tea with her as a way of helping me change my mood. Bless her heart she has different kinds of tea in her cupboard and I could choose whatever I liked.

I settled for Earl Grey as I did not fancy other other brands. Some were from South Africa and others from Australia. And then we had a nice carrot cake and a great pie. What are good friends for? We drank our tea and had our cake right into the evening.

Soon our talk went to Morocco where another friend is now living and working as a volunteer. The heat over there is 100 degrees! And in her email she wrote that she was having only mint tea every day to soothe her nerves.

Actually my friend and I have been growing lots of mint in our recycled little polysterene boxes from our vegetable seller in Tamu Muhibbah. We decided to make some to try.

When we drained our last drop of our imported tea we decided to crush some levea and then added them to a pot of very hot water. We allowed it to brew for a while.

When the water turned into a yellowish colour it was ready to be served.

We waited for the tea to cool a little before adding some honey.

It wasn't bad at all.

According to my friend a leaf or two may even help ease some nausea or even stomach upset. So it isn't a bad idea to grow mint at all.

Mint tea is definitely a tea for the hazy season.


Ah Ngao said...

i like Darjeeling tea - smooth fact,there's so many varieties of tea out there,tend to get confused but home grown tea should be exceptionaly shelve-fresh .

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ah Ngao
Darjeeling tea is nice. So is Earl Grey and if I can get lady Earl Grey I drink that too.

Mint tea is nice. But have tried Hawthorn tea (can get in Chinese TM Stores). Jasmine tea and dried apple peels can be very nice with honey.

Greenspot said...

Hi Sarawakiana,

You are certainly an adventurous person! Kacangma, misai kuching, basil, etc all belong to the same family.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Greenspot
If you ever go to Morocco one day you must drink Mint tea there.

Well well well I didn't know that...I love basil (cook Cambodian fish soup - excellent with basil) and Basil is the main ingredient for Lui Char. I have lots of basil in my garden.

My kacangma is growing again. thanks to you.

My dogs can be a great nuisance though.

Thanks for visiting.

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