August 13, 2009

A Wheel Chair for Kalipah Please

Kalipah has five children whom she supports with a very small allowance from her husband who is a labourer. They live in a ground floor of resettlement flat in Tudan Miri.

Kalipah's tragedy started with a small boil on her ankle. It became very infected and the wound slowly worsened.

After three operations because of complications she cannot walk properly now.

This is Kalipah whom I visited yesterday with Pastor Chan of Tudan Methodist Preaching Centre. There is a great possibility that one day she will lose her leg one day but she is a cheerful person. Her conditions has actually worsened from the very beginning because she moves too much as a mother who has to do all the cooking and looking after the children. All her children are of school going age and she still hobbles to the school to see her children once in a while. She also does not have a car and Pastor Chan Jin Mei is her "private taxi driver" and even "ambulance driver".

We are appealing for a wheel chair now. If you know of any organisation of person who would like to make a donation of a wheel chair please call Pastor Chan 0198872464 (Miri).


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakiana, regret to read of Kalipah's plight.
Thats very good of you to seek help for her.
What about the Health Ministry? Can't they do something for her?
Or get the MP of area to help out?

Here people like her will not only get a wheelchair, but a motorised one, FOC, as well buses and all stores, roads have wheelchair access.
There are special buses will fetch people in wheelchairs from individual homes.

How are you Sarawakania? You keep well, best regards, Lee.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hello Lee ( assuming that you are still a very young mna)
Yes I have read about all the facilities and "advantages" available to disadvantaged folks like Kalipah. Here MPs are of a different kind and their main arm is the Red Crescent (Red Cross) which already has too many applicants for wheel chairs. Kalipah is a non political person and a person with no political strings too. Any way politicans do not give out wheel chairs here.
(I have posted an article on Gemong who was given a wheel whair by LDS)
Any way of getting wheel chair for people like Kalipah is through several Sunday Food sales.
I am fine after four days in the ulu (upriver) to be "present" at a land dispute and a funeral which I am or may not feature in my later posting. Lots of bumpy rides and pot holes and some in between timber logs.
Otherwise as people say "I have to do what I have to do every day...." and look for stars in the sky and brilliant sunsets which are free ...
Keep smiling Lee and may your days be filled with great music!
And I must catch up with all the blog reading!

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