September 6, 2009

Yoga in the Park - A symphony of body movements

I felt warmly welcomed by the charming Dean who waved people to come to the yoga session in the Lake Park.

But as I have just come down and the yoga group was just cooling down I managed to capture some images - a symphony of body movements by the two Yoga instructors. Kind and warm Dean was at the side acknowledging people who drop by - a sort of PR person for this volunteer group . They have this place on Saturdays 4-5. It is boot camp on week and yoga the next week. Next week if I drop by it will be boot camp. I shall see if I am up to mark! Cheers!

Now have a peep at what yoga is like....

Now if I can do would be WoW!! WOW!

One day I will let you listen to some of the great soothing music Dean provides or something similar to it. There is something special about going to a park where this is this soothing music floating towards you as you get nearer.........Or you can come down to the Park and listen to his selection on Saturdays!

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