October 16, 2009

Are they twins?

I think my vet Betty would have a great laugh - afterall she has a great sense of humour.

I was walking along a road in Margaret River when I chanced upon these two dogs which you cannot tell apart. So I asked the one who looked like she was the mother in the group (three kids and two dogs and a nice young woman).

I tried to put my best Malaysian foot forward

"How are yar doin?"

"Good. And yar?'

"Good too...Are these two puppies twins?"

The young lady smiled

"YOu mean are they from the same litter?"

I answered


She replied

"Yeah they are from the same litter of six (from the same mother) and because they are pure white you cannot really tell them apart.These two are almost identical. Yeah...they are like twins but they are not twins. You see these are different collars. "

People in Western Australia happen to be one of the most dog loving people in the world according to some statistics.

There's always something to learn every day.

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