October 3, 2009

Mobile Betel Nut Kit

These photos would show how happy an elder can be when she has a mobile kit of a different kind.

This grandmother brings a mobile betel (pinang) kit wherever she goes.

And she has invented a betel nut( pinang) grater to help her with her betel chewing. Instead of biting the nuts and crushing them with her teeth she has a small grater made from copper. The little grater slips into a little open box when she needs pinang grater.

This is my beautiful friend who is a betel addict. She has very strong teeth and general health.

She packs her betel set in a very neat handbag which she carries every where she goes. "Never leave home without your mobile betel kit" (MBK). She would have nothing to do if she doesn't have it with her.

This is a special implement for her to cut up some raw tobacco and other ingredients.

This is a small homemade grater for the pinang (betel nut) Amazing isn't it? the Malays and Melanaus and nyonyas would use a clipper or cutter available in hardware shops.

One doesn't have to break one's teeth chewing the nut. The grated pinang is collected in the little space between the grater and the wooden base. Very innovative. Gives me some idea for my kitchen.

Gambier leaf and kapok smeared on the sirih leaf.

Now the whole sirih leaf wrapped concoction is ready to be put into one's mouth.



Greenspot said...

Hi Sarawakiana,

Very innovative indeed!

And chewing betel leaves is popular among Taiwanese.


wenn said...

wow..that's interesting..

Superman said...

Never try that before. The mouth become red after eating this? Thanks for sharing this.

Daniel Yiek said...

take some pics of red-mouthed locals. :)

Ah Ngao said...

hi S'kiana,is Kapok the natural talcum or is it clay? you ever try it and does it gives you the "high"?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Greenspot
Yeah the Betel Ah Moi in Taiwan are very very well known!!
And lots of them spit out their red juices on the streets....hehehe
Thanks for visiting.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Wenn
I am taking more interest in the cultural and social differences amongst our indigenous women now...what they eat and what they cook etc.
The Melanaus and Malays have a different style of eating betel and sirih and they also have a different social approach to this cultural trait.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes the mouth becomes red and the teeth become very strong too....Don't try if you are not brave enough.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks....will do so when I have the chance....this aunty is very sporting. So I managed to tease her enough to get her to show me and pose for the photos.....Some of them were not willing to be photographed.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao
The kapor is the paste made from burning sea shells.
In our cooking the kapor also makes our cookies/kuihs very crispy. The Kuih Ros is a good example.
You can get this kapor paste in the native market.

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