October 18, 2009

Uncles and Cousins have similar physical features!

Uncle Lau Pang Hung (son of Kang Chu Lau Kah Tii) and Aunt (Meng Lei's aunt)

Cousin Lau Kiing Mew - organising chairman of the Methodist Senior Citizen Conference 2009

Two cousins : Tang Chok Ming (Maternal grandson of Lau Kah Tii) and Lau Kiing Mew (first cousin to Chok Ming )

Tang Chok Ming (cousin) a who sacrificed his whole life as a humble Chinese school teacher.

Don't you think they have similar looks? Furthermore when they speak they actually sound exactly the same. Sometimes I have to double check when they call me up. And I ask in Foochow " Turng nerng oh...siang yin suoh hor li...." And of course there would be a loud Foochow laugh on the other side of the line.

They have the same strong faith in God laid down by the pioneering Foochow fathers. With lots of life long experience they also display great management skills which I think come quite naturally from this group of close knit community.

100 years after the first landing of the Foochows in Sg. Merah the third and fourth generations have gathered together for a senior citizen conference in Miri. Every year for the last ten years there has been such a Senior Citizen Conference which aims to gather together as many of the Methodist descendants and new faithfuls as possible The conference participants were dressed up - the organising committee members were smart and glamorous in their blink bow ties and name tags and suits.

Although fashion trends have changed the outward looks of the Foochows this group of people are in many ways the same : warm hearted-generous-helpful - and God fearing.


wenn said...

good gathering..

Sarawakiana@2 said...


It is not easy to organise a state wide senior citizen conference for 800 seniors. Different needs and different pace. And hospitality at Mega was really put to test!!

I would just say : it was amazing for an outsider like me....I was not a participant .

Daniel Yiek said...

From what I read:

Sometimes people find lovers with features that resemble their parent. Sometimes they choose pets like dogs that look like themselves.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Nice of you to comment. What you say is very true. I read about human beings and their pets essay once and...lo and behold...similarities...the former PM of Japan for example had a pet dog looking just like him.

As for lovers --- I am not sure...each man/woman to his/her taste.

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