November 16, 2009

Mrs. Mary Hoover's Girls

1939. War was looming up and there was a lot of commotion in the small town of Sibu. In fact a war fund was already started by the Kang Chu Lau Kah Tii and donations were flooding in.

When this pretty picture was taken my aunts (Grace and Maggie) were already quite worried about their own future. They were both in the graduating class and were looking forward to higher education. In their class was pretty Lu Kie Kee who was to be introduced to their third brother - Tiong Hua King. Thus she became our Third Aunt.


1. Lu Kie Kee- Third daughter-in-law of Tiong Kung Ping
2. Tiong Ging Sieng- (Grace)(Fifth Daughter)
3. Tiong Ngiin Sieng -(fourth Daughter)
4. Ngu King Ing
5. Ngu King Ling
6. Ling How Ging
7. Ling Soon Hiong
8. Tiong Ing Lang

Tiong Ing Lang was to become one of the best kindergarten principals in Sibu. Trained by Mrs. Hoover to play the piano she was a disciplinarian and a good Chinese teacher with a very loud and commanding voice.

There is a certain lasting style (part American and part Chinese) carried by these lovely ladies in their quiet ways. I will always remember my third aunt's deportment and grace.

These eight young ladies became friends for life!!

P/S I would really appreciate it if someone could tell the photographer or studio which took this lovely group photo!!

Could it be Nang Kwong? Could it be Anna Studio? Nang Kwong would have been owned by Wong Lung Kwong if I am not mistaken (a relative of CT Wong the lawyer)


Ann said...

My mum in the early days wore pants like that.

Anna studio used to take our early day photos in 1957. The circle turn a complete round, during my Dad's 80th photo, The original Anna, now in Kuching took our photos. How strange.

I don't watch a lot of movies, I read a lot about the boy is striped pajamas. Sad.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Anna Studio is still a very popular studio in Kuching. I think a lot of wedding photos were taken by them.

My father took our own family photos using a tripod that he had....I will always remember that.
And many of my grandfather's photos were also taken by him...all these black and white photos remain very clear and almost perfect.

easechen said...

Mum knows most of the girls in this pic. But she says Tiong Ing Lang is not in the pic.? She was my grandpa's God-sister.

Ensurai said...

Aunty Ing Lang (Later principal of the Mary Hoover Memorial Kindergarten) is named in this class list. I will give it a check. Now I am finding it difficult to find people can can verify names etc. thanks.

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