November 11, 2009

"Precious Belonging"

When someone talks about a special "belonging" it is often with that mystical glint in the eye and that particular look on the face. It is that peculiar look of love. And indeed you actually reveal your feelings very obviously. It is like talking about your girl friend when true love strikes you very very deeply. "That look" is really that obvious.

This is the special marble table with the four vintage and original kopitiam chairs that has seen four generations and has still maintained its superb position in the home . And I know my nephew has "that look" when he talks about his marble table today.

The story of this marble table goes back to the '30's. It was part of the new home of my second uncle and second aunt(the late Mr. and Mrs. Tiong Siu King) when they got married and moved in Bintangor from Sibu. It must have welcomed hundreds and thousands of guests in their lovely home in Bintangor and later in Sibu. When my second aunt passed away the table went to their eldest son John who lovingly kept it in his home in Sibu. However when John retired he moved to another country to be with his now grown up children. The treasured marble table could not be brought along so it had to go to another loving home - a maternal grandson who now lives in Miri. I consider this table a "true belonging".

At a very special gathering recently several families of the extended Tiong Clan met up. The evening saw the nieces and grandniece and granddaughter-in-law of Mr.and Mrs. Tiong Siu King sitting around the marble table and feeling how nice it was "visiting". Forgive me if I had then become a little emotional when memories of a sweet smiling Second Aunty asking me to eat more and that she would bring out some more food!! And somewhere quite near I could even hear Uncle Siu King turning the pages of his newspapers.

Do you have a special "belonging" you are very attached to ?


Superman said...

This is a nice sharing. Yup, I do treasure the old big house where two families are living with the grandparent. Really miss the time when two big tables are having dinner together...laughter is everywhere.

Yan said...

I thought I left a comment early this morning, what happen? Getting old..

Many things ran through my mind while reading - what's that special 'belonging' that I am very attached to? And gosh! Blank! No, I am a sentimental person, it just could not be.. Old pictures, photos, books, newspaper cuttings ... those are my treasures. Friends - from childhood to young adults' days - I have in fact many treasures! Nevermind I don't have a stone table to cherish! I could enjoy a meal in an old coffee shop having such stone tables!

Thanks, Cy, for sharing! It's nostalgic - I have walked down the memory lane today...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Superman
Thanks for dropping by. yes we have valueable members amongst our extended family.
Grandparents should last forever!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Yan
How nice to hear from you and yes I am attached to something old always. I have kept one note book from my old days - can't let go. And my autograph books - they are still lovely with all my friends in their youthful photos and my teachers too - giving me their good thoughts.

I recently bought a "stone table" too. But I could not get any old vintage kopitiam chairs....Hahahaha..wonder if it can see four are allowed to smile here...

Ann said...

Hi CY,

My grand dad had the same table. I feel the same way, my step grandma turning 100 this year, still has it. I was all sentimental when I saw it in her housee in rejang Park. He didn't have the coffee chairs.

But my grandma had a special teapot, which my step grandma still has.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
Nice to hear from you. If we draw a mind map we can gather a map to show how many families have nostalgic memories of marble tables and how we can go down memory lane when we see one.

Who lives with your step grandma now in Rejang Park? I really love all those old teapots...Remember the ones American cowboys had? Can never find one here.


Anonymous said...

Although marble table and many other symbolic furniture are not part of indigenous lifestyle in the past many of us have learned to acquire certain belongings dear to us now. I like my grandfather's deer antlers for example. I agree with you...we have that special love for something from our loved ones. I have two jars given to me by my parents. I cannot part with them. The two jars will hopefully last many generations.
Tk for the article.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hello Justin
How are you? I know my father had several deer antlers too and they are precious to the family.

At the moment I have only the normal ang chiu jars which are actually domestic jars and do not have the status of the dragon and the Ming or Manchu jars... A celadon would be too too expensive to own and display any way. I am sure your ancestors' jars must be very very valueable. They definitely will last for a long time.

Ann said...

Hi CY,

Step Grandma had 4 sons, her 2nd son, my 7th uncle owns a terrace house at Rejang Park. He works in Bintulu. His wife lives in rejang Park.

My Dad's people used to live in Upper Lanang Road until the Govt took over the land. ( WE called it the Tai Kung area)

Oh yes, i asked if you knew a female pastor in Miri, she would be Chan Kit something. She's is Step Grandma's grand daugther.

Her 3rd son, Albert Chan Lai Fei co-owned a hard ware store in Miri. Forgot the name. Albert is my age.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann

What a small world. Pastor Chan is probably the one I know. But I do not know her full name.

Tai Kung Duo is now well developed and we often recall that it was a lovely place for homesteads and rubber gardens.. Could one day become a lovely suburb.

Thanks for sharing.

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