November 17, 2009

Red Onion Soup

I have been introduced to many different types of vegetables which make good soups in Miri.

One of my favourite soups nowadays is this simple Red Onion Soup. The red onion is highly valued by the Cantonese farmers of Miri. And I have been told that this red onion is very good to help us keep our old bones in good conditions. With days getting very wet and a little colder a hot soup containing this vegetable would really be nice in the evenings. And furthermore knowing that the soup will boost our bones we will definitely be happier having it with our evening meal.

I boiled this soup with pork bones for several hours over low heat. And the taste is really wonderful. You do not actually need any cooking oil for this soup. Just use the red onions (( ringgit worth) and some pork bones. Some pepper and some salt would be needed to enhance the flavour.

The red onions are not exactly onions because the flesh tastes sweet and fiery. And the texture is like potatoes.

the colour is indeed red like beet root.

The red onions grow well in loamy soil and many of my friends also grow a small plot of them quite easily. I do have some growing in my garden now.

The onions are usually sold in a bundle for one ringgit. And are snapped up very early in the morning. So usually you cannot get it in the evenings after you finish your office work. I notice that a lot of old people tend to buy them. So they must really be good for our health especially in old age.

When sliced they are very pretty. But I have never eaten them raw or put them in a salad.

I am not very sure if Foochows eat this vegetable. So I will have to find out from my Foochow readers. Do let me know.

And I hope if my Cantonese friend David(Exile in New Zealand) is reading this he might tell me how to cook this vegetable in better ways!!


Yan said...

That's something new to me! Pardon my ignorance, dear!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hahaha are too humble. This is a special Miri vegetable sold in the tamu for like the last 2o odd years. So I have learned to eat local food and enjoy!!

When are you coming to Miri?

Ah Ngao said...

yeah,new to me too.i'll try it since its goin to boost up one's health.thanks S'kiana

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ah Ngao
Hope you can find the red onions in Kuching. Enjoy the soup. Ask for extra info too if the lady selling them wishes to tell...

Happy days with happy bones!

wenn said...

sounds good..

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Wenn

This is I think a very special onion grown in Miri. So many people do not know about it. But the soup made from it is really good...akin to beet root but it is fresher in taste!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there

This is quite a common plant in the longhouse back garden and I suppose many Miri Chinese have learned to eat it..

Yes we cook it as a soup with meat...but it is nice fried with bilis...

Sometimes my mother fries it with meedin and then add a little more water..

I agree it has a potato texture...


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Justin
Yes indeed. My FIL's cousin is fond of this soup and she is surprised I have a little plot of it in my back yard.
I have not tried to cook it in different ways as I am not too familiar with the recipes. Will try to cook it with meedin.
Last night I cooked it for my friends.
Thanks for visiting.

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