November 20, 2009

Soon to be Named - Manna Cafe in Krokop

The corner shop in Krokop has changed several times. It used to be a nice chicken rice place. But now at lunch time you can get very nice homecooked menu. And the place is very clean with nice tiled flooring and walls.The place is already attracting many Perodua customers and Petronas officers who come to "ta pau". There is also a stall for an array of kong lo noodles (mee or kueh tiaw). The kitchen also does very good fried noodles in a jiffy. I like a kitchen that is fast - furious and- food-delicious.

What made a lot of difference was when I had my lunch there I enjoyed a DVD of Beatles' concert on a widescreen Samsung TV.

This is the Iban lady cook who prepared the "economy" food at the back.

This is the Foochow Towkay Neo who makes all the great drinks with very generous pouring of evaporated milk. She was cheerful and interesting. As she was wearing a nice T-shirt full of sea shells she reminded me of holiday time on a happy beach - so relaxing and happy!! Seashells also remind me of happy and carefree childhood.

Although we ordered an Economy lunch for two - we also ordered the Original Recipe Kuching Laksa. This is indeed excellent - very original. The prawns are fresh and the towgey or bean sprouts very crispy. You must go and try ....Highly recommended.

Excellent green and tasty sweet potato leaves.

This is a nice dish of local white gourd cooked in the Iban-Chinese style. Very refreshing and tender.

This is the babi kicap (Iban style) with dried chilies.

This is my longtime friend (ever green and musically talented) Caleena who introduced the place to me - By God's blessings according to Kasida the towkay neo of the place - she has already named the new outlet as Manna Cafe. After more renovations the signboard would be up.

So look out friends - there's a special and warm place for you in a leafy and tree lined block in Krokop of Miri!!

And definitely we will be going there for more meals. Especially the Original Laksa from Kuching. The laksa paste is a special family from Kuching.


wenn said...

wow..laksa is my favourite..

Jay said...

wait till i make a trip to miri, surely will like to try the laksa.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

This is very different from Penang Laksa(which I like too) and other types of lemak laksa.

Come and try.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I think this is a very multi racial kind of coffee shop. With more renovation and the kind of attitude they have the business augers well....

So you are most welcome to try the laksa. Of course there are other good laksa shops in Miri too...each would have their own "special" taste...


Jay said...

why don't they have pansoh, i mean the really good pansoh. This could become addition attraction. Or something that is more local. Most of the food stall are selling the same type and taste of food. Sometime we have no choice.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Good idea Jay. I will try to ask Kasida about it...I believe they have the space to do so. I will like that too....may be at least once a week.

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