December 24, 2009

Bless the Hands which prepared the Christmas Eve Dinner

What is Christmas for the children if there is no turkey? Some years we could not buy turkey because the turkey shipment was held up by some obstacles.

This year we managed to get one . Here's the bird ready for the oven.

Just before dinner Flo did the honour : carve the bird. She made the sauce too.

We had a leg of lamb - which was barbequed in the open fire outside. The "BBQ King"
did it singlehandedly. He had balsamic vinegar - mustard - red wine- pepper - and some secret
ingredients to help him turn an ordinary hunk (?) of meat to an exotic dish.

Here's the medium rare lamb

This is the secret recipe : mashed potatoes with butter ;cheddar cheese and fresh milk.

Mrs. Kuntai's ubi leaves.

this Nasi Bryani enough for an army from Sg. Liang's Indian Shop. (with two chickens and 20 hard boiled eggs).

A few bottles of red wine - two crates of beer - ginger beer - 7Up - Cola- plain water and Milo
form the drinks section.

Forks and spoons lying in waiting for the dinner guests and family members

Cheeky little visitor with the loudest voice this side of Borneo!

Little children need to be spoon fed by loving mother and grandmother.

Now time for a little bit of beer and cigarette in the romantic candlelight.

Apoh......just too much food! Ian from Kanowit.

Let's have some bryani and raita....

Excellent turkey stuffing made from "xxxxxx" and foccocia bread.....Finished in no time...

There were too many children  to entertain so some photography was forgotten.....but memories will be in the corners of my mind....Christmas of 2009 is almost over before it begins! Where has time flown?

Christmas Eve in my family tradition is special time for family and and special friends who come from far and near. This year we have friends from Kanowit and Lichok (near Roban) and Idaho! And they helped make Christmas ever more meaningful.

Merry Christmas...and blessings to all...


Ah Ngao said...

waa...,mmm....younno,i really scrutinized every pics and i really drool lah,hehe

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ah Ngao

Thanks for dropping by...

We did have a good life is like this...good food + good time + good conversation _ good memories and ++++

Ann said...

Great Christms dinner, how may did you feed?

I had mine with my bros and family. Charles roasted his leg of ham, and Joseph his turkey. Honestly, I never liked turkey. Call me fussy.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi I had about 25 people all together. Once I had a group of 10 dropping by (by mistake) they went to the wrong house...but one recognised someone in the house and they also had dinner with us...That was really cold shoulder in our household.

Your dinner sounds good! We cannot get ham easily here.

so I serve a pork "shank" when I can...braised in soy sauce.

Normally we don't have much turkey left because it is quite popular here. But pork loin roasted with a mustard and bacon coating goes very fast.

Anonymous said... time I must get the nasi bryani from Sg. Liang. I know the shop.

thanks for the tip.

Looks like lamb is very tasty and a must have too!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks for dropping by.

Sg.Liang is famous for duku and the local fruits and the Indian Food Shop...You must try their dosay too.

Leg of Lamb and turkey from Supa Save. And very halal too. You must remember some years Malaysia did not get turkey.

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