December 20, 2009

Cleaner and Boeing 737

When I saw this scene - the cleaner with broom and dust pan I was struck by the horrific contrast : The huge high tech Boeing 737 and the humble cleaner; the giant and the little person. The 21st Century and the 20th Century. Metal and human flesh and blood. Machine and a woman.

And I was humbled at that moment. I therefore froze it for the future.

Cleaning has still to be done by hands and the minority women are still needed. The robots have not yet reduced women labour to nil. The cleaner here has a family to feed and she needs the work to survive!!

If only we can see the synergy of two different technocultures : human labour and high tech and appreciate them side by side.

If only we can see the synergy of different races together in Malaysia : different races working side by side in true harmony and with real understanding.

Have you ever been humbled by such a scene?


Ah Ngao said...

oh yes,i do - many times.have you ever just imagine that big iron bird can lift off the sky and still arrive to your desired destination? - incredible,ya

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ah Ngao

Thanks for visiting! Yes the big bird is incredible. I used to watch the Dakotas and the Twin Pioneers flying from the old Sibu Airport with my parents and siblings. Then I watched the smaller planes coming down to the Limbang Airport /airstrip every day for a year.
Airplanes always amaze me. And so do the support staff.

Ann said...

I see the aerobridge. Where was this photo taken?

Did your grand dad and dad have to build the road to the Sibu Road. My Dad said the Foochows and the Cantonese had to be kept apart because they fough.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

This was taken at KLIA a few weeks ago.

My dad had to rise before six and walk barefooted to the airport to level the airport with a changkol and bungki. He was beaten often and was in prison until my grand dad asked a Foochow man who could write Japanese to vouch that he was not an enemy of the Japanese. He was release but Grand Dad had a bad cut in the face. My father lived for another 20 years with a painful chest. He died of heart failure at 56 in 1965. Too young!!

I believe it was those days that your dad and my dad became friends.

fufu said...

yeah i saw many foreign labours working at KLIA >< mainly from bangladesh and pakistan ><

Sarawakiana@2 said...


Thanks for dropping heart goes out to women who strive for their every day survival...

But at least they are working legally....

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