January 5, 2015

Methodist School Staff (both Primary and Secondary) 1960's

Who could give the details of this group photo of the Methodist School Staff Photo.

This photo is from Mr. Chong Chung Sing's Album..

Was it to bid farewell to Dr. and Mrs. Coole who were then in charge of the Masland Church on Island Road. The photo was taken in front of the Methodist Girls' Hostel in Queensway.

Dr. Douglas Coole preached in Foochow and Mrs. Coole herself a child of missionaries to China spoke excellent Foochow. She taught us Sunday School in Hoover House. I was then primary school age and my teachers were Mrs. Chee and Mrs. Chang.

My grand aunt Tiong Yuk Ging was also in the photo. It is lovely to see Mr. and Mrs. Kuruvilla in the photo.Other ladies of the Methodist church were in this photo.

Miss Feng Tuan Hui and Miss Tiong Ik King were also in the picture.

I can see also Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Deng Yuk Chi. Mr. Funk was also in the back row together with a few other familiar faces.


Ann said...

Ah Ya!!!! you post a photo taken just one year before I started school.

I remember Mr. Huang Teck Nai, first man on the right next to the women.

Mr Wong (Pri school principal) must be the man standing 3rd on left,
I suppose Mrs. Chee, and a Mrs/mdn chang should be there.

Ann said...

Did Mr. Chong forget the dates, The way the ladies dress as though it was in the 50s,

I can't find Mrs. Chee, Mdm Chang or my primary 1 form teacher, Chen Soo Feng.

By 1961, Methodist Pri school was already separated from the secondary school.

Abunawas said...

You are great Sarawakiana@2! I wish somebody can do the same (write and rekindle memories) for the Methodist Secondary / Primary School, Kapit for the same periods also. It was also one of those earlier established or preferred schools where students from various divisions of Sarawak came to study.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann
This was probably a photo to bid farewell to Miss Tiong who went to study in the US or to Dr and Mrs. Coole.
I can see Mrs. Chee (fifth from right on the same row as Mrs. Kuruvilla).
At that time all the teachers were considered as one whole staff for activities.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann
If you click on the photo you get a bigger photo. I did not resize this photo as usual. I also cannot find Mrs. Chang but I can see Madam Ting (Chen).

Miss Hii and Miss Wong are on the second row....See them? Mr. Kwang Ik Ung is also in the photo.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Abunawas

Yes I wish someone could do the same too for Kapit which has a very rich history. Perhaps I could help get some done with Florentina's help. She has lots of photos but it will take time.

Do you know Dennis Fraude? He might have some more photos.

Best wishes.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I got three more photos to put up soon!! Golden harvest from one of your brothers' friends...Chow Tiong Kee....Remember him?

Ann said...

Hi CY,

If Mr. Kwang was there, would Mr.Eu be there so? The man standing second from the left. I am only guess? These two teachers who taught Chinese, and I was testimony of the worst student who never passed her Chinese.

What about Mr. Ling who was incharged ot the boys hostel?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes Mr. Eu second from the left.

Mr. Kwang is fifth on the second row...from the left..

How wonderful to recognise them....


Abunawas said...

Dennis Lee Fraude? Yes, but I lost touch with him. He was one of my teachers at the Methodist Primary School Kapit and a good disciplinarian also. He reminds me of my self being one of those naughty and absent-minded kids at back seats who received a deserving rage and scolding from him! Cheers to Dennis Lee Fraude to have made me become who I am now!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Abunawas

Dennis is now mainly in Sibu. I am so glad he had an influence on you! Will tell him that when I talk to him again.

God bless.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Madam Ting (Chen). which one?

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