February 16, 2010

CNY : Time for different generations to meet up

Chinese New Year brings different significance to different people.

One of the most important elements of the Chinese New Year to me is paying respects to our elders and renewing relationships. Each year we have additions to the family tree by birth and by marriage. Children do grow fast.  If we do not meet up occasionally we might even miss a whole generation of relatives!

It was without prior arrangements that we came together to pay our respects to Ah Ling Koo this year. Ah Ling Koo (Aunt Ling) was born in Sungei Bidut in Sibu and was married to Uncle Lau who was China born in the 1950's. She has three sons who have all migrated to Miri.

Ancestors' photos are usually hanged on the wall facing the door. Most Foochows prcactise this.It is good to know our ancestors and trace our roots. These are photos of my aunt's in-laws.

My father's first cousins: one  by birth and one by marriage: on the right is Ling Koo and on the left is Aunt Tak Sing.

Here we are. Our greatgrandfathers were brothers. Sheena Tiong (far right) is the only daughter of Hock Yu and son of Tak Sing. Her grandmother sits in the middle being the oldest in this photo. I am aunt to Sheena. Sheena's aunt Ping (in blue) is my first cousin.  The Tiong smile is very noticeable in this photo.....

This is the family photo of three generations of different families descended from two brothers born in the 1800's in China.We share the same Tiong surname if descended from the male side. Here are the Tiongs together with the Lees and Laus.

Finally Jenny Lee (Pa Adang) - third from left -  and I met up in "family grounds" for the first time. We have " known each other" since Pa Adang days in 2002. We will tell our stories to relatives another time. That's another miracle of family.

Meeting up with family gives one a very warm and stable feeling.


Ah Ngao said...

wow man..i love the song and music by this guy - haunting at times,very sweet at times.how did you come across such nice piece? tks Sarawakiana

Sarawakiana@2 said...

He is an American (I think) working and studying in Hangchow....came across him by accident because I like All Men are brothers....the background is fantastic...isn't it?

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